A Moment Apart

Imagine yourself in this moment, the current present moment that is everlasting. Now take this image of yourself and focus into your energy. You are not the sum of your physical parts, there are subtle energies all around you. Slowly place one hand on your heart and the other on your stomach. Feel the life and power that beats through your heart, the ebb and flow of your breath. You are like a river flowing over the rocks and past the trees with no worry in the world.

Rocks may seem strong, sturdy, and never quivering at a challenge. The trees may seem to be more lively, nurturing, and always growing. However, all of these external factors may seem better than what you have as a little stream. You have to remember that YOU are the one that shaped these factors, not the other way around. You are the one that had the determination and strength to constantly break down those rocks so that you can flow through it. You are the one that provides the essential nutrients for those trees to thrive. The power to create the world you want around you has always been inside you of. It is just a matter of bringing it out and sharing it with humanity.

With your intuition there is the ability to dream, mind the ability to manifest, and hands the ability to shape. Anything we can imagine in our minds we can manifest into the physical world. No one needs to tell you that you are special, we are all born special. The gifts here and now can be used to create a whole new society. A society where love and compassion takes the reigns over everything else. We must take a moment apart from our bodies each day so that we can learn to feel our power and energy within us.

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