Empathetic Consciousness

Have you ever just walked into a room and all of the sudden felt an emotion or pain that you knew wasn’t yours? What was your first thought when this occurred? Did you perhaps think you were going crazy? I am sure it was very puzzling to you since you went from one extreme to the next without anything external happening to you. This is what is called being an Empath.

There are many different types of Empath and they all have their own unique struggles. They also have some of the best rewards you will ever be given in the human experience. It is key to center your own energy and find out which type you are so that you can further your own healing process.

Some of the major types are as follows :

  • Emotional
  • Geomantic
  • Physical
  • Plant / Animal
  • Intuitive
  • Heyoka (rare)

Emotional empaths can feel others emotions run through their body as if it is their own. Their types heal people by digesting and purging emotions around them. They unknowingly cleanse the spaces that they reside in. It is most common for this type to leave the nest and then become completely aware of their abilities since they are no longer being smothered.

Geomantic empaths are in-tune with their physical surroundings and community. If they live in a city it is common for them to feel the energy of the city and the people within that area. This can cause them to be overwhelmed until they learn how to channel this energy into healing the surroundings. They can affect many people by doing simple healing rituals and meditations in close proximity to a city. They will also tend to fancy their home with natural decor such as stones and leaves.

Physical empaths feel the physical injuries and pain of others as if it was their own. They can learn the sense subtle energy within the body and use their powers to redirect this energy for healing purposes. Many can even diagnose someone by simply putting their hand on that person.

Plant and Animal empaths are in connection with nature herself. Both types can feel and hear the thoughts / emotions of their subject. Many plant empaths turn into Shamans because that is their true calling while others may turn to witchcraft. No, witchcraft is not a bad thing. I will discuss this in another blog. Animal empaths will tend to work in shelters where they are heal animals in pain.

Intuitive empaths download information about people from their third eye and crown chakras. Many of these empaths can get into trouble for acting on ideas and emotions that are not their own. They may also end up in situations that are rather unpleasant such as an abusive relationship because they think that they can fix their partner. Everything comes down to reading between the lines with these types.

Lastly we have Heyoka or the Mirror empath. These empaths play a special role in society because they act as mirrors for the shadow-selves. A Heyoka empath can reflect back sides of someone that they are unconscious of and energies that need to be brought up for healing. It is their way of helping people evolve, showing the darkness right in front of your face.

I have never been a big fan of labels, however it helps people discover who they are and what they are. It goes a long way in helping people heal if they have a starting point to jump off. I have discovered in my journey that I am a mix between Intuitive and Heyoka. Many of my experiences have been painful lessons to teach and groom me for my mission. As a Heyoka I have healed people the wrong way and the right way. We must learn to come together and act as one big mirror for society. Hopefully you have learned something about yourself today and it starts a new journey of healing for you.

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