The Next Step in Evolution

“You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I’ll buy you a new car.”

– Harvey Diamond

Are you tried of justifying eating animals for the sake of taste and creature comforts? I believe in the back of our minds, we all know that eating animals is not the humane option for our society. Yet, we sit there and eat pounds of meat a day. Thousands upon thousands of animals are being not cared for and slaughtered daily with no consideration to the damage we are doing not only to ourselves but the environment as a whole.

There is 1,799 gallons of water used for one pound of beef (1). The amount of cows reaches the upper limit of 10 million at this point (2). Now think if it is 150 gallons of water for one cow and there is over 10 million cows, how much water is that? Now the fresh water supply in the world around 2.5 percent (3). We are reaching a tipping point as a species since we will no longer be able to sustain both animal and human consumption. However, there is a solution to this issue as well as all the other issues that meat consumption produces.

Switching over to plant-based diets will improve all health on the Earth, plants and animals, also solve environmental challenges. I am not saying stop eating meat completely, I am saying reduce the amount you eat slowly over a period of time. Completely switching your diet 180 all of the sudden can cause complications and that is what we are trying to avoid. We want to improve your health astronomically so slow steps are required for great progress. Even if you stop eating meat for just one meal a day you will feel the difference. This meal that you substitute has to be an accurate representation of a vegan meal. There are plenty of easy and tasty recipes online to find, here is one I recommend :

This leads us to our next topic of Soy, B12, and Protein. Soy has been bashed over and over for the fact that people actually think there is estrogen in soy. It is called phytoestrogen and it acts differently from estrogen. It has even been shown to help woman struggling with menopause. Phytoestrogen can also be seen blocked some estrogen receptors while enhancing other ones. This would mean that males may benefit from soy because if some of their estrogen receptors are being blocked this can allow for more testosterone to be available (4). For now plenty of research has been done, but more needs to follow if we truly want to get to the bottom of the soy issue. As for now it continues to enhance our bodies in ways that animal products simply cannot.

B12 on the other hand has been another key contender against the vegan lifestyle because may people are taught that B12 comes from meat and animal sources. This is simply not true, B12 doesn’t come from animals at all. B12 is produced in our intestines as well as in bacteria that live naturally in the Earth. Some animals get their B12 from eating their own excrement and in turn we eat them so we can get their poop B12 (5). This excuse is obviously unfounded and clearly blinding the public from truly seeing what is right. We all can simply take a supplement for B12 and never have a need to eat another animal again. Yes, it is that simple. Nothing an animal produces is meant for our body to break down, in fact our bodies seem reject animal based foods right as the food touches your mouth.

Another heavy hitter we have against veganism is “Where do you get all your protein?!” Here is a hint for you, everything. Basically almost all the items I put into my body has protein besides fruit. It could be beans, vegetables, grains, nuts, ect. they are have some form of protein contained within the food. These foods also provide the BCAA or branch-chain amino acids that our body can not produce, being 9. The BCAA come from high quality protein which seems to be a misconception to lead people astray once again. Most foods consumed while vegan contain all the BCAAs you need to have regular or advanced health. The fact that you are getting all of your nutrient needs without the need of animals leads to less overall damaging affect on the body. Our bodies in general do not need high levels of protein, the size of your palm is about the amount of protein you need per day. You don’t need the Triple Decker Bacon McWhopper to get your protein, at that point you are over-consuming and hurting your body (5). It is clearly shown in studies that deal with plasma of the blood. It has been shown that the blood of animal eaters if more cloudy and blocked up due to the consumption of animal products. In vegans the blood is clear, this allows for a healthy blood flow and reduced risk in coronary heart disease (6). Even our own blood knows without us telling it that plant based foods are better for your body. I would like to touch on the topic of heme-iron quickly since this has to do with the plasma. This is a certain type of iron that you can only get by eating animal products. Heme-iron increases the risk the CHD because of the fatty lipids that are produced when eating the animal products. Less heme-iron means less fatty lipids ergo healthier humans with a reduced risk of CHD (7).

We are all responsible for the future of ourselves and the planet. We have a chance to reverse and change the way we think about the world. The negative affects that humans have produced are still able to be undone. First we need to change the way we treat ourselves, and that starts with the way we eat. If we are eating better then we are going to feel better. If we start to feel better, this could lead to more compassion and enlightenment here on Earth. We would no longer have to worry about the food crisis. People who live in 3rd world countries can get the significant needs that they require. We would even be able to have more surface area on the Earth which will led to less cities. Everyone can spread out more now that the Earth is no longer being used as one big farm. Us as humans are being farmed as well. There is a reason we are fed these products and the healthier true option to our nature is more expensive. Even more reason to give us tools of escapism so that our bodies are no longer healthy, in addition weak in the later years. People have been shown to change their health completely even at an old age such as 70 plus with a vegan lifestyle. What happens when we start changing when we are 25 or even younger? How strong are we actually meant to be? How long are our lives meant to actually last? The only way to find out the answer is to take a leap of faith, find your true nature.


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