About Me

My name is Adil Sriti. It is my pleasure to bring healing and insight into others lives. My passion is to help others understand themselves better so that they too can spread their passion to the world. It is key for the next step in our evolution as humanity to learn to love ourselves without judgement.

Life has never came easy for me, however I have learned to see trauma and hardship as lessons. In the past few years much work has been done to strengthen my mind, body, and soul. My estranged father had passed away, I had not seen him in 20 years not spoke to him in over 5 years. I had to fly overseas to bury him and deal with foreign courts due to the early death. A part of my consciousness had shifted during the time at his grave. I had allowed myself to let go of my trauma and hurt, it was a profound feeling and change. From that moment I spent every moment studying as well as reconnecting to my inner child. Meditation was focused on healing my inner child and shadow self so that I can merge them into one. During my childhood years I was into metaphysics and even practiced in my teen years. As we all do I fell off my path, but I am here to regain my power and share it with the rest of the world. To heal and transform always.

With my charts I use my intuition and knowledge to get as much information I can out of the chart. Forever developing my psychic gifts and will use them to further help people in their daily lives. I will also use my knowledge of tarot, numerology, and other esoteric schools to deviate your chart. My goal is to give you a direction and a purpose in this present moment with me. I am passionate and driven about this cause, truly feel that there is a turning point in our society here today. It is time for light workers to stand up and take the banner up for humanity. Thank you for joining me on this journey