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The Male Form

Does the word fasting trigger some fear within yourself? Are you always concerned about your next meal or are you looking for a healthy way to control your eating habits? Fasting is a step many of us should take for the sole reason that it vastly improves our bodies and overall health. It has helped me overcome stress eating as well as understand certain triggers that were deep seeded in my unconscious.

My father had left the family by the time I was 6 years old so I was left without a male role model. All the cartoons on T.V had muscular men who fight crimes to save the city or world. Others had Prince Charming who had all the good looks and completed his mission to save the princess. Not all of these left bad impressions, some life lessons can be derived from watching these shows. On the other hand they showed a male form that was not indicative of the times. Many men would have to get some sort of performance enhancing drug to be like these action figures and super heroes. Along with all of this we had the rise of professional bodybuilding. Due to the facts that I didn’t have any one to look up to in the male arena I turned to bodybuilders. It just seemed like the natural thing to do with the current knowledge that I had in my life. I was still very young and impressionable. I also watched a lot of WWE where it was much of the same, actors being paid to put on a show. What boy didn’t want to be a high flyer off the ropes crashing into people?! It was entertainment for our developing minds. I looked up to The Rock, Kai Green, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Undertaker. Here is an example of Ronnie Coleman :

Obviously this is a clear example of how manhood was projected onto young males at the turn of the century. Nothing about his physical appearance is natural, this is achieved through performance enhancing drugs. Yes, I will not argue that going to the gym takes hard work and dedication. You don’t just inject these supplements and become a monster. If I am looking up to this person as someone I want to be at the age of 12 there is an issue. I will subconsciously always want to reach this status, but never will. Males are told that if you don’t look like this then you will not get girls or you will be considered weak. If you don’t eat meat then you are not a real manly man. If you don’t chug Bud Light, you are not a man.

When I had reached puberty I started to find outlets for my anger and this turned out to be karate. Karate and the gym were my sacred place as a teenager, somewhere I could escape from the world for a little while. I was obsessed with working out and getting stronger. I wanted to look like some of these people that I looked up to. In particular my focus had changed from Ronnie Coleman to Zyzz (Aziz Shavershian) and Frank Zane.

I had turned my critical eye onto myself and would constantly nitpick my body. When I looked into the mirror I saw someone completely different, a worse image because I didn’t look like these people. I would spend hours at the gym doing the most random exercises just in hopes that it would help. I never had great self-esteem due to these issues that were developing. Second guessing myself became second nature to me, I was afraid to approach anyone or even to ask a simple question. No confidence to talk to girls at all. Many relationships in my young life were affected by this and caused much strain on me. I had became a loner and was constantly depressed as a teenager. This is when I developed the stress eating habits. To cope with the loneliness I would come home after school and go straight to the gym then karate then eat my weight in food. Sometimes ate so much that I felt sick to my stomach. It was a form of escape that I could get used to because food tasted so good. Whenever a bad mood struck me I would want to eat or lash out. I had never developed healthy coping habits and the mass media was not helping at all.

Fast forward to when I was in college and these habits followed me around like a ghost of my past. It got increasingly worse due to the fact that there was now an all you can eat buffet style cafeteria. I started to workout less because of my class load and I was eating more with the stress of starting college. This is where I began to gain a decent amount of weight, although I had learned a lot from studying nutrition and exercise I was still clueless. The topics I was learning about are now being proven wrong. The one topic that remains today and is actually gaining traction is fasting. I had turned to intermittent fasting multiple times to try and reduce my weight to a comfortable level. Every time it had worked, but I had not stuck with it. A few more years go by and I get heavier, barely workout anymore, and get depressed again. I also got old enough to drink and started to binge drink. At this point in my life around 24 I had felt as if I had failed everyone and anyone. I never reached my goal to look like those guys and I was not the perfect man that was projected onto the silver screen. In magazines these men were gods and viewed as such.

After my father had passed it truly jump started my awakening. I was always connected to Source and divine beings, but I had lost my way due to society. Earth at this time was very different from how my soul is. I had switched to a vegan lifestyle and took my life into my own hands. I began to exercise more, incorporate yoga and fasting into my life. At this point I was 220 lbs, the heaviest I have ever been in my life.

I adopted an intermittent fasting eating habit, I only eat from 12- 8 and mostly drink water. I only ate a plant based diet as well. Never in my life have I felt more alive and healthy. Fasting helped strengthen my mind. I worked overnight shift at a Turkey Hill, one of the lowest points in my life as well. I had just tried to piece my life together after my father had passed and now I felt like I was at rock bottom. Most days I just wanted to run away into the forest and not look back. Overnight I would fast since I slept most of the day away being on graveyard shifts. Being alone at night in the middle of nowhere surrounded by candy and snacks, but I didn’t allow myself to eat any of it. It was the type of challenge I needed to grow as a human being. I still struggle with self worth and some image issues, but I am much stronger today. I know now that my struggles will help me heal people along their journey. Many men are afraid to talk about topic like this. I want to be an inspiration and healer for the world, I never want anyone to struggle like I have. If you have, just remember you are not alone and you are loved. If I can do it, you can too.

In closing, I highly recommend trying to get into fasting. You don’t have to start with 1 day fasts or even multiple day fasts. You will need to let your body adjust to the change. Intermittent fasting is a good starting point, even if it is for one or two days out of the week. Try it for yourself and see how you feel. If you combine this with a plant based lifestyle you may discover you can do things that you never felt possible. Mostly this will come from the new found confidence in yourself. If you put oil into a car for 50 years without ever changing the oil, what happens? Same concept with the human body.

Vegan Bodybuilders

The Next Step in Evolution

“You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I’ll buy you a new car.”

– Harvey Diamond

Are you tried of justifying eating animals for the sake of taste and creature comforts? I believe in the back of our minds, we all know that eating animals is not the humane option for our society. Yet, we sit there and eat pounds of meat a day. Thousands upon thousands of animals are being not cared for and slaughtered daily with no consideration to the damage we are doing not only to ourselves but the environment as a whole.

There is 1,799 gallons of water used for one pound of beef (1). The amount of cows reaches the upper limit of 10 million at this point (2). Now think if it is 150 gallons of water for one cow and there is over 10 million cows, how much water is that? Now the fresh water supply in the world around 2.5 percent (3). We are reaching a tipping point as a species since we will no longer be able to sustain both animal and human consumption. However, there is a solution to this issue as well as all the other issues that meat consumption produces.

Switching over to plant-based diets will improve all health on the Earth, plants and animals, also solve environmental challenges. I am not saying stop eating meat completely, I am saying reduce the amount you eat slowly over a period of time. Completely switching your diet 180 all of the sudden can cause complications and that is what we are trying to avoid. We want to improve your health astronomically so slow steps are required for great progress. Even if you stop eating meat for just one meal a day you will feel the difference. This meal that you substitute has to be an accurate representation of a vegan meal. There are plenty of easy and tasty recipes online to find, here is one I recommend :

This leads us to our next topic of Soy, B12, and Protein. Soy has been bashed over and over for the fact that people actually think there is estrogen in soy. It is called phytoestrogen and it acts differently from estrogen. It has even been shown to help woman struggling with menopause. Phytoestrogen can also be seen blocked some estrogen receptors while enhancing other ones. This would mean that males may benefit from soy because if some of their estrogen receptors are being blocked this can allow for more testosterone to be available (4). For now plenty of research has been done, but more needs to follow if we truly want to get to the bottom of the soy issue. As for now it continues to enhance our bodies in ways that animal products simply cannot.

B12 on the other hand has been another key contender against the vegan lifestyle because may people are taught that B12 comes from meat and animal sources. This is simply not true, B12 doesn’t come from animals at all. B12 is produced in our intestines as well as in bacteria that live naturally in the Earth. Some animals get their B12 from eating their own excrement and in turn we eat them so we can get their poop B12 (5). This excuse is obviously unfounded and clearly blinding the public from truly seeing what is right. We all can simply take a supplement for B12 and never have a need to eat another animal again. Yes, it is that simple. Nothing an animal produces is meant for our body to break down, in fact our bodies seem reject animal based foods right as the food touches your mouth.

Another heavy hitter we have against veganism is “Where do you get all your protein?!” Here is a hint for you, everything. Basically almost all the items I put into my body has protein besides fruit. It could be beans, vegetables, grains, nuts, ect. they are have some form of protein contained within the food. These foods also provide the BCAA or branch-chain amino acids that our body can not produce, being 9. The BCAA come from high quality protein which seems to be a misconception to lead people astray once again. Most foods consumed while vegan contain all the BCAAs you need to have regular or advanced health. The fact that you are getting all of your nutrient needs without the need of animals leads to less overall damaging affect on the body. Our bodies in general do not need high levels of protein, the size of your palm is about the amount of protein you need per day. You don’t need the Triple Decker Bacon McWhopper to get your protein, at that point you are over-consuming and hurting your body (5). It is clearly shown in studies that deal with plasma of the blood. It has been shown that the blood of animal eaters if more cloudy and blocked up due to the consumption of animal products. In vegans the blood is clear, this allows for a healthy blood flow and reduced risk in coronary heart disease (6). Even our own blood knows without us telling it that plant based foods are better for your body. I would like to touch on the topic of heme-iron quickly since this has to do with the plasma. This is a certain type of iron that you can only get by eating animal products. Heme-iron increases the risk the CHD because of the fatty lipids that are produced when eating the animal products. Less heme-iron means less fatty lipids ergo healthier humans with a reduced risk of CHD (7).

We are all responsible for the future of ourselves and the planet. We have a chance to reverse and change the way we think about the world. The negative affects that humans have produced are still able to be undone. First we need to change the way we treat ourselves, and that starts with the way we eat. If we are eating better then we are going to feel better. If we start to feel better, this could lead to more compassion and enlightenment here on Earth. We would no longer have to worry about the food crisis. People who live in 3rd world countries can get the significant needs that they require. We would even be able to have more surface area on the Earth which will led to less cities. Everyone can spread out more now that the Earth is no longer being used as one big farm. Us as humans are being farmed as well. There is a reason we are fed these products and the healthier true option to our nature is more expensive. Even more reason to give us tools of escapism so that our bodies are no longer healthy, in addition weak in the later years. People have been shown to change their health completely even at an old age such as 70 plus with a vegan lifestyle. What happens when we start changing when we are 25 or even younger? How strong are we actually meant to be? How long are our lives meant to actually last? The only way to find out the answer is to take a leap of faith, find your true nature.


Empathetic Consciousness

Have you ever just walked into a room and all of the sudden felt an emotion or pain that you knew wasn’t yours? What was your first thought when this occurred? Did you perhaps think you were going crazy? I am sure it was very puzzling to you since you went from one extreme to the next without anything external happening to you. This is what is called being an Empath.

There are many different types of Empath and they all have their own unique struggles. They also have some of the best rewards you will ever be given in the human experience. It is key to center your own energy and find out which type you are so that you can further your own healing process.

Some of the major types are as follows :

  • Emotional
  • Geomantic
  • Physical
  • Plant / Animal
  • Intuitive
  • Heyoka (rare)

Emotional empaths can feel others emotions run through their body as if it is their own. Their types heal people by digesting and purging emotions around them. They unknowingly cleanse the spaces that they reside in. It is most common for this type to leave the nest and then become completely aware of their abilities since they are no longer being smothered.

Geomantic empaths are in-tune with their physical surroundings and community. If they live in a city it is common for them to feel the energy of the city and the people within that area. This can cause them to be overwhelmed until they learn how to channel this energy into healing the surroundings. They can affect many people by doing simple healing rituals and meditations in close proximity to a city. They will also tend to fancy their home with natural decor such as stones and leaves.

Physical empaths feel the physical injuries and pain of others as if it was their own. They can learn the sense subtle energy within the body and use their powers to redirect this energy for healing purposes. Many can even diagnose someone by simply putting their hand on that person.

Plant and Animal empaths are in connection with nature herself. Both types can feel and hear the thoughts / emotions of their subject. Many plant empaths turn into Shamans because that is their true calling while others may turn to witchcraft. No, witchcraft is not a bad thing. I will discuss this in another blog. Animal empaths will tend to work in shelters where they are heal animals in pain.

Intuitive empaths download information about people from their third eye and crown chakras. Many of these empaths can get into trouble for acting on ideas and emotions that are not their own. They may also end up in situations that are rather unpleasant such as an abusive relationship because they think that they can fix their partner. Everything comes down to reading between the lines with these types.

Lastly we have Heyoka or the Mirror empath. These empaths play a special role in society because they act as mirrors for the shadow-selves. A Heyoka empath can reflect back sides of someone that they are unconscious of and energies that need to be brought up for healing. It is their way of helping people evolve, showing the darkness right in front of your face.

I have never been a big fan of labels, however it helps people discover who they are and what they are. It goes a long way in helping people heal if they have a starting point to jump off. I have discovered in my journey that I am a mix between Intuitive and Heyoka. Many of my experiences have been painful lessons to teach and groom me for my mission. As a Heyoka I have healed people the wrong way and the right way. We must learn to come together and act as one big mirror for society. Hopefully you have learned something about yourself today and it starts a new journey of healing for you.

A Moment Apart

Imagine yourself in this moment, the current present moment that is everlasting. Now take this image of yourself and focus into your energy. You are not the sum of your physical parts, there are subtle energies all around you. Slowly place one hand on your heart and the other on your stomach. Feel the life and power that beats through your heart, the ebb and flow of your breath. You are like a river flowing over the rocks and past the trees with no worry in the world.

Rocks may seem strong, sturdy, and never quivering at a challenge. The trees may seem to be more lively, nurturing, and always growing. However, all of these external factors may seem better than what you have as a little stream. You have to remember that YOU are the one that shaped these factors, not the other way around. You are the one that had the determination and strength to constantly break down those rocks so that you can flow through it. You are the one that provides the essential nutrients for those trees to thrive. The power to create the world you want around you has always been inside you of. It is just a matter of bringing it out and sharing it with humanity.

With your intuition there is the ability to dream, mind the ability to manifest, and hands the ability to shape. Anything we can imagine in our minds we can manifest into the physical world. No one needs to tell you that you are special, we are all born special. The gifts here and now can be used to create a whole new society. A society where love and compassion takes the reigns over everything else. We must take a moment apart from our bodies each day so that we can learn to feel our power and energy within us.

Welcome to My Blog

Transform yourself and the rest will follow

Know Thyself

— Socrates

Hello everyone! This will be my first post on the site. I am very excited to get started and create content for you guys! I will cover numerology, humanity evolution, enlightenment, spirituality, astrology, and so much more.

There is always a point in our lives where we must decide if we want to use our pain for destruction or healing. What good would the pain be if not to teach you lessons about yourself and the human condition. In our modern society we repress these feelings with drugs, alcohol, internet, cell phones, and even meaningless sex. There is now a turning point, our generation is coming into their own. A lot of us are messed, lonely, and confused people. But, you should not let this get you down because you are not alone in this. Through the power of love for yourself, you can overcome these barriers. The only way to change on a global scale is to first work within ourselves. A microcosm must first be healed so that it can be projected back to the macrocosm. This process is called soul alchemy, it is our true nature and purpose so that the future can become bright once again for generations to come.