Chart Orders

Offering various reports based on what your needs and interests. There will currently be four different types of reports to choose from.

With all astrology based reports the current information is needed

  • Date of Birth
  • Exact Time of Birth
  • Location of Birth

If you can’t get the exact time of birth that is still acceptable it will not be fully accurate although.

With all numerology base reports the current information is needed

  • Full name
  • Full Birthday

None of these reports are the end all be all. We all have the power to manifest these energies to help us or falter us. My key here is to guide you and help you learn how to use these energies to your benefit. Another goal is to help further your understanding with yourself so that you too can fully love yourself without judgement.

Feedback is always welcome. It helps me get better so I can return better work out to the world.

Please allowed 1-3 weeks on chart delivery depending on my volume at the time. I will reach out via email